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Concave grating spectrometer / UV/VIS / CCD / fiber optic
BLACK-Comet StellarNet


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    CCD, fiber optic, rugged, robust, concave grating, portable

  • Domain:

    laboratory, process

  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 190 nm

    Max.: 900 nm


Range 190-900nm
StellarNet’s miniature fiber optic spectrometers with concave gratings deliver high performance for spectroscopy applications in the UV-VIS wavelength ranges covering 190-850nm (model C), or optionally 280-900nm (model CXR). The instruments are exceptionally robust with no moving parts, and are packaged in small rugged metal enclosures (2.75 x4 x6 inch) for portable spectroradiometry and lab or process spectroscopy measurements. The BLACK-Comet UV-VIS spectrometers utilize a 40mm diameter concave grating with aberration correction to provide superb spectral imaging. This significantly improves spectral shapes by reducing comma and astigmatism found in plane grating spectrograph designs. The spectrograph architecture does not utilize mirrors, and therefore provides the lowest possible stray light in the UV with additional assistance from the holographic line grating. The concave grating produces a flat field on the CCD detector creating uniform resolution over the entire range.

One of the main advantages of the BLACK-Comet is its ability to drastically reduce straylight levels, 0.02% at 435 nm and 0.2% at 200 nm, the lowest values of any field spectrometer. By design, the holographic grating has a smoother surface than the normal ruled gratings used in competing spectrometer models. Surface roughness is the primary source of grating generated stray light and thus by employing superior grating technology, StellarNet’s Concave Grating Spectrometers are able to drastically reduce the effect.


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