Centrifugal pump / side-channel / magnetic-drive
max. 35 m³/h, max. 40 bar | CEH-X/CEH series Sterling Fluid Systems


  • Technology:

    centrifugal, side-channel

  • Operation:



These are the CEH-X/CEH pumps which are highly advanced. They have a segmental type construction with open vane wheel impellers. The designing of this pump is a centrifugal combined system like design. This combination pump can be is suited with a centrifugal stage in serial connection before the side channel stages to gain a better NPSH.
It has a number of applications such as : This CEH-X/CEH pumps can be used to pump problem free clean liquids and fluids at not good suction side conditions. They can also be used for positive suction heads which are below 0.5 m. The CEH is highly recommended for use because it has different material possibilities with uniform dimensions and performance characteristics as well as the standard exchangeable components. It is highly suitable to be used in pharmaceutical, chemical or petrochemical market and in the plastic or oil industry as well. Due to its low NPSH as well as the positive suction head, it is highly suited for pumping of liquefied gasses and liquids under vapor pressure like condensate, refrigerant, boiler feed water . . .


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