Idler wheel

Type KI is a roller type freewheel. It is an assembly comprising of an inner race and rollers fitted into a polyamide cage.
This type of unit can not be dismantled. It is designed for small mechanisms in office equipment, or packaging machines, to be mounted inside gears or feed rollers.
The gear, or feed roller inner diameter is used as the outer race. Additional bearing support is required, and the freewheel must not be subjected to axial loading; mounting examples are shown on the following page.
The outer race does not need to be hardened; min. strength: 700 N/mm2.
The surface roughness will not exceed 22 CLA.
Mounting onto the shaft can be a press fit to r6 tolerance or a glue fit with a clearance of 0,02 to 0,05mm.
Sizes 8 mm and above can be supplied with a keyway.
Temperature range : -40°C to +100°C
(continuous operation). Peak temperatures of +120°C are acceptable for short periods of time.


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