Internal one-way clutch / roller
max. 2.9 Nm | KI series STIEBER


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The KI series is a roller-type freewheel where its structure consists of an internal race and rollers fixed in a cage made of polyamide. The model cannot be dismantled, and it suitable for use in tiny mechanisms in office units, or packaging units. The unit can be mounted inside gears or inside feed rollers. The internal diameter of the gear or of the feed roller is utilized as the outer race. Extra bearing support is needed, and the freewheel should not be subjected to axial loads.

The outer race does not require to be hardened, and its rated capacity is greater than or equal to 700 N/mm². The surface roughness must not go beyond 22 CLA. The KI series is available in sizes 8 mm and above can be supplied with a keyway.


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