Straightening machine
max. 3 000 kN | 3000 RP Stierli-Bieger AG


The Construction steel builder straightening press is designed to pre-stress dress and camber section steel. The machine is available in 220 (200) , 330 (300) and 440 (400) U.S tons versions.

The horizontal design of the machine allows even the largest beams to be handled with ease.

The long stroke of 22" (550 mm) and lowering support rollers allow the section to be worked vertically.

The tooling height is 33" (850 mm) and the unit is very stable whilst remaining mobile.

The inching and automatic programs and the dressing function can be activated by a remote hand control and cable, or a foot pedal.

The specially lubricated and guided hydraulic cylinder is maintenance free. The working power is maintained throughout the stroke lenght of 22" (550 mm) with continuous maximum working speed

Die Richtpresse ist in verschiedenen Steuerungsvarianten lieferbar und richtet sich nach den Bedürfnissen des Benutzers.


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