Welding rotator
max. 12 t | ROTATOR Stierli-Bieger AG


Stierli-Bieger’s new constructional steel welding and dressing platform, is a very efficiently, compact and durably built machine with a loading capacity of 12’000 kg/ pair. The build quality guarantees a reliable process, with minimum space needed, offering significant time saving in welding and dressing functions.

The heaviest construction units can be turned easily in a few seconds without using a crane. Hangar cranes are only required for loading and unloading.

The open construction design and the synchronised chain guide, make it simple to insert steel sections.

The ground connection is linked to the chain guide, therefore welding can be done in place (and during rotation) without the need for remote earth connections. The ergonomic working height can be adjusted at any time.

The machine can be re-located simply by fork lift or pallet truck.

Operation is by remote hand control, which controls the turning speed and the adjustment of the working height.

Rely on the original ROTATOR of STIERLI.

The ROTATOR of STIERLI is well proven in practice in many areas of operation, reliable, and for many years in operation worldwide.
Profit from our experience.

We produce the best quality ROTATOR. The rugged construction ensures long life and safety.


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