Rotating device
ROTATOR 600 Stierli-Bieger AG


Increases productivity significantly
ROI - return on investment in just a few months

The welding rotating device from Stierli-Bieger AG is very efficient, compact and robust in its design and has a high load-bearing capacity. This design ensures reliable operation, takes up little space and saves a lot of time in welding work. Even heavy structural components can be rotated easily and precisely in just a few seconds, without using a crane. A factory crane is only required to move it in and out. The open design and synchronous chain guide make it easy to insert steel profiles.

The chain guide serves as an earth connection. So there is no need to set the component down for welding. Internal transport can be carried out very easily with a pallet cart or a crane. It is operated with a manual control pendant which can be used to set the rotational movement.

Put your trust in the original ROTATOR from STIERLI.

The STIERLI ROTATOR has proved itself thoroughly in practice in numerous areas of application and has been in reliable use for years throughout the world. Make the most of our experience. The ROTATOR is manufactured to the highest quality standards. The robust design is your guarantee of safety and a long service life.


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