MOSFET transistor / power / for automotive applications
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    for automotive applications


ST offers a wide range of automotive-grade smart 3 and 5-pin low-side switches (OMNIFET) based on VIPower (vertical intelligent power) technology. This proprietary technology allows integration of complete digital and analog control and protection circuits driving a vertical power MOSFET, all on the same chip.

Low-side switches, with their integrated extra features, are power switches that can handle high currents in a safe way and in compliance with the harsh automotive environment. They only require a simple TTL logic input (or a CMOS logic input for 5-pin switch). Such devices are power-MOSFET pin-to-pin compatible, guarantee real-time load control and are protected against over-temperature, so protecting the entire board. Our latest 5-pin devices also offer diagnostic features. Low-side switches are designed to work from -40 to +150°C.

ST's low-side switch product portfolio includes single and dual drivers with digital status and on-resistance values ranging from 10 mΩ to 300 mΩ. These versatile devices address many power applications in automotive body electronics, and are available in a wide variety of packages.