IGBT transistor module
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IGBT transistor module IGBT transistor module - STGIP series


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The SLLIMM intelligent power modules belong to the family of IPMs which allow the combination of optimized silicon chips and incorporates with 3 main inverter blocks: power stage (short-circuit rugged IGBTs and freewheeling diodes),driving network (discrete gate resistors,high-voltage gate drivers and integrated bootstrap diodes) and protection and optional features(smart-shutdown function,NTC sensor to control temperature,comparators for fault protection against both short circuit and overcurrent and op-amps for advanced current sensing). They come in DBC-based SDIP package providing utmost low thermal resistance but with maximum level of quality and cost-effectiveness. They also come in full-molded 3.5cm² SLLIMM-nano package (NDIP) that's suitable for small, built-in motor applications of up to 100W free air.

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