audio amplifier / power / digital / Class A
TDA, STPA series STMicroelectronics



  • Type:

    audio, power

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, Class A, DSP

  • Power:

    Max.: 30 W

    Min.: 7 W


ST offers a complete class-AB product portfolio. As well as standard class-AB power amplifiers, ST proposes audio amplifiers in class SB (Single-ended Bridge) and SB-I (SB improved). As a result of their high efficiency, these classes reduce power dissipation by up to 50% compared to standard class AB, simplifying thermal management in current power sets. Moreover, ST has introduced a digital input to offer a clean sound, immune to external interferences. Amplifiers can now be directly connected to the DSP output without any signal conversion. ST also proposes amplifiers that are compatible with start-stop and hybrid engines.

ST's class-AB automotive audio amps offer:

Clean, powerful audio
A wide portfolio, single-channel devices to powerful quad-channel single-chip devices
Robust designs with integrated protection against short circuits, ESD, load dumping, over-temperature
Ability to drive very low impedance speakers (as low as 1 ohm)
Products compliant with new stop-start engine and hybrid engine standards
Optional I²C interface and diagnostics
Optional digital input
Optional augmented efficiency