radio transceiver / FSK / IC / high-performance
ST series STMicroelectronics



  • Network:

    radio, FSK

  • Other characteristics:

    IC, high-performance, narrow-band


Since the early 90s, ST has been committed to supporting advances in narrow-band power-line communication (PLC) technologies that then became largely adopted by Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Automatic Meter Infrastructures (AMI) solutions at the heart of the smart grid concept.

Our large and expanding offer ranges from our first generation analog FSK transceivers with an integrated power-line driver to a second generation, dual-core, multi-protocol, STarGRID® system-on-chip platform with an integrated power-line driver, analog front-end and AES encryption that supports B-FSK, B-PSK, Q-PSK, 8-PSK and OFDM modulations.

Our newest release is the future-proof, fully-programmable, dual-core STCOMET SoC platform supporting channels up to 500 kHz, with an integrated AFE, power-line driver and programmable modem. The STCOMET platform also includes a fully-integrated smart meter SoC that embeds high-performance metrology functions.

To ensure ST's PLC transceivers can be readily integrated into tomorrow's smart meter designs, we are among the principal members of major industry alliances committed to the development of standard communication protocols for the smart grid including PRIME, PLC- G3 and METERS AND MORE®. In addition, our transceivers comply with EN50065, FCC and ARIB standards.

Our power-line communication platform comes with an extensive toolbox that includes evaluation boards, evaluation software and certified protocol stacks, providing designers with a comprehensive development environment enabling easy integration into new and existing designs and shorter time to market.