TDA7xxx series STMicroelectronics

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microcontroller microcontroller - TDA7xxx series


The extensive collection of digital and analog signal processors of ST includes the complete array of characteristics and channel patterns for the sedan-acoustic function range, from low-end resolutions to high-end best auditory systems. Over 40 analog signal processors present a great option for the amount of inputs, output channels, and baseband acoustic applications, as well as equalizers, subsonic filters, active compressors, etc. Alternatively, a totally digital resolution with entrenched 20-bit acoustic analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters are derived from a sole 24-bit digital signal processors particularly, designed for auditory appliances. Dependent on the product, the features of the signal processors of ST comprise choosy disparity and one-ended analog and digital input resource supporting FM/AM, CD/DVD, tape, phone/Navi aux and Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format, Inter-IC Sound respectively. Different output arrangements include steadiness, fader, pitch and sound power, explicit equalization, active compressors, subsonic filters, etc. , double media cooperate and FM hi-fi decoder.