torsionally flexible shaft coupling / elastic / flange
SOFTEX® ES Suco VSE France



  • Type:

    torsionally flexible, elastic

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SOFTEX® ES – new variants of elastic and no backlash shaft couplings

The SOFTEX® coupling is a torsionally flexible and breakdown-secure three-part resistant claw coupling. Due to the elastic gear ring it is in a position to dampen shocks, torsional vibrations and noises. Now, HBE GmbH has brought onto market two new variants of the elastic and no backlash shaft couplings: SOFTEX® ES 6.0 and SOFTEX® ES 6.0P.

As with the proven couplings of the elastic SOFTEX® series, the gear ring of the new no backlash models also has a high resistance to wear as well as a good resistance to oils, greases, a large number of solvents, ozone and climatic conditions. The operating temperatures, depending on the model of the gear ring, lie between -50° and +120°C; short-term temperature peaks up to +150°C are permitted.