hot air dryer / batch / with automatic controls / vertical
SDVD25 | 25 KGS | 6%/hour Sundy Science and Technology



  • Technology:

    hot air

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Other characteristics:

    with automatic controls, vertical, quick-drying


Drying of coal sample in large quantity before sample preparation in the field of coal mining, power plant, metallurgy, chemical, etc.
○ Drying of coal, coke and other solid combustibles in the process of sample preparation.

○ Fast drying speed and high efficiency.
○ No loss of sample, sample integrity is ensured.
○ Safe & comfort operation, low labor intensity.

Temperature control range:Ambient temp〜60℃(Default 40℃)
Temperature control precision:±2.5℃
Temperature resolution:1
Drying units:1
Max power:7kW

○ Vertical structure, fast drying with high efficiency (hot air penetrate coal ). For sample with moisture above 10% and thickness 80mm, moisture can be reduced more than 6% per hour. The drying efficiency increased by 8〜60 times compared to other common drying method.
○ Drying temperature is controlled at the range of ambient temp〜60℃. Drying temperature and drying time can be self-defined, completeness and representativeness is exactly according to related standards.
○ Sealed cabinet design, no human intervention.
○ Automatic control of temperature, blow rate and frequency conversion by microcomputer.
○ Balance and network connection are available, free moisture can be calculated automatically.
○ Movable sample cart is equipped. Easy and convenient to transport sample.