hammer crusher / stationary
SDHD150 Sundy Science and Technology

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hammer crusher / stationary hammer crusher / stationary - SDHD150


  • Technology:


  • Mobility:


  • Capacity:

    Min.: 1,200 kg/h (2,646 lb/h)

    Max.: 1,800 kg/h (3,968 lb/h)


SDHD150 Hammer Crusher & Divider can be used to crush sample into testing or analytical size. It is widely applied in power industry, coal industry, chemical processing, metallurgical industry, engineering material, and geological industry, etc.

Feed Size ≤150mm
Discharge Size ≤3 ≤6 ≤13mm(optional)
Moisture 12%
Productivity 1200-1800kg/h
Sampling Methodv Primary crushing and secondary division
Division Rate 1:8 or 1:16(adjustable)
Power Requirement 380V
Max Power 4.4kWv
Weight 350kg
Dimension 940*877*1450mm

①Creative sealed type crushing chamber, few loss of moisture, uniform discharge particle.
②Sample reserving case and sample discarding case are separate.
③The cleaning door is equipped with a transparent view window.
④Anti-block meahcnism of feeding hopper eliminate failure due to wet sample.
⑤Removable sieve plate.
⑥Height of the feeding mouth is 1.44m, lower than traditional design.
⑦Sample can be collected at both sides of the sample discarding case.
⑧Reserved port for dust removing.