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Centrifugal pressure booster / air / gas / oil-free
max. 4 000 psi (350 bar) | Pinnacle LF-2000 Sundyne


  • Technology:


  • Media:

    air, gas

  • Lubrication:


  • Number of stages:



The Pinnacle LF-2000 is a one to four stage centrifugal integrally geared API-617 compressor.

- Flows to 10,000 ACFM (17,000 AM³/hr)
- Max working pressure 4,000 psia (350 bar)

Based on over 50 years of technological development and investment, the latest generation of Sundyne integrally geared compressors includes the flagship Pinnacle model. This API-617 and -614 standard compressor will run continuously for 5 years, delivering oil-free process gas with no emissions. With a unique modular baseplate and compact footprint, the Pinnacle is easy to package onto a skid and install into any process environment. Additionally, its innovative design allows for maximum flexibility, including the operation of up to four compressors on a single gearbox. Custom built to meet the unique Best Efficiency Point (BEP) of each application, the Pinnacle compressor is precisely engineered for pulsation- and vibration-free operation. Backed by our global network of Authorized Service Centers, the Sundyne Pinnacle is the best in class high-head, low-flow option for handling the most demanding applications in the refining, petrochemical, LNG, power and mining industries.


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