turbine mixer / batch / solid/liquid / for liquids



  • Technology:


  • Batch/continuous:


  • Application:

    solid/liquid, for liquids

  • Application domain:

    for the food industry, for the chemical industry, for the petroleum industry, for the cosmetics industry, water treatment, dairy product, for concrete, for beverages, laboratory, polymer

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, vertical, vacuum, single-shaft, high-performance, variable-speed, for high-viscosity materials, disperser, dissolution


SK500 series mixers are high performance agitators for extended lifetime, reduced maintenance and operating costs, This kind of mixer is specially designed for the application of sealed vessel mixing.

1.C-Face Flange Connection
Connections are self-aligning,flexible coupling.

Sunkaier agitator configures the dry well oil leak-poof gearbox with hard surface gear,less maintenance,longer service life,and keep clean for working environment.

3.Lift and swivel system
Quick seal replacement reduces costly downtime.Easy enough for one person to change seal,even on the largest units.No disconnection of motor,or removal of gearbox.

4.Half-open Type Coupling
Coupling adopts special half openings,easy removal and installation,this coupling particularly applys to the damp and rust production environment.

5.Reinforced Bearing
The reinforced bearing could absorb running dynamic loads to protect the mechanical seal.Sleeve structure design is convenient to the removal and easy installation for the mixer shaft.Driving mechanism with reinforced bearing could exempt the bottom support structure.

6.Mechanical Seal
Single-end mechanical seal,double-ends mechanical seal and bearing mechanical seals are available. Wetted materials options can be austenitic stainless steel or duplex stainless steel.Depending on the operating environment,mechanical seal can be equipped with the following accessories:hand pump,balancing tank,sealing liquid tank and etc.

7.Flange Installation
Flange installation bearing and auto-centering device,convenient to the mixing parts removal and installation.