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    for high-viscosity materials, horizontal, kneader


The Kneader Reactor is specially designed to handle viscoplastic phases and large amounts of heat removal to maintain the proper reaction mass temperature for dry processing high viscosity material bulk polymerization.
The Kneader Reactor technology offers the following outstanding advantages for dry processing applications:

- Excellent mixing and kneading of pasty and high viscosity phases (>1000 Pa s);
- Large working volume reactors efficiently handlelarge production volumes;
- Large heat exchange surface areas maximize productivity;
- Excellent self-cleaning;
- Narrow residence time distribution;
- High flexibility in terms of production capacity;
- Enclosed eco-friendly design;
- Robust design, suitable for handling high viscosity materials;
- Compact design maximizes time-space yield.

It is critical to precisely control the temperature of the product during the synthesis. In the KneaderReactors the high surface renewal and the
evaporative cooling keep the temperature well under control. The process parameters and product properties are systematically investigated
in pilot production units. Industrial production systems can then be tailored to meet the exact product requirements.

SK3000 Kneader Reactor Applications
- Polymerization
- Single Stage With High Monomer Yield
- Mixing /Compoundingcan
- Handle Wet Powder
- Devolatilization of Shear Sensitive
- Elastic Products