paddle mixer / chemical process vessel / vertical / with magnetic drive centrifugal pump



  • Technology:


  • Application domain:

    chemical process vessel

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, with magnetic drive centrifugal pump

  • Capacity:

    50,000 l (13,208.6 gal)


Operating principle
A Magnetic seal comprises of a sealed chamber (Shroud), which contains a rotating Inner Shaft, which is embedded with powerful Inner Magnets. This inner
shaft is supported on Upper and Lower Bearings. These are special Bearings, capable of withstanding harsh environments present inside the Reactor. A special
barrier filter prevents dust from entering the Bearing Area. The output shaft of Motor/Gearbox assembly is locked on to an Outer Rotor, which is fitted with an Outer Magnet Assembly. When the Motor is switched on, the Outer Rotor Rotates, and magnetic flux causes the inner shaft to rotate synchronously with the Outer Rotor.

Top Entry Magnetic Seals are the safest method for sealing agitated Reactors. Their applications include High Pressure Autoclaves such as Hydrogenators, as
well as Reactors used for handling sensitive or hazardous products. SunKaier manufactures a wide range of Top Entry Magnetic Seals, for use in their Reactors. These are suitable for Reactors of up to 50000 liters capacity, temperature up to 300° C, and for pressure up to 100 Bars. Reactors of higher capacities and ratings can be supplied with special designs.