CBN honing stone
max. 4.8 x 5.6 x 152.4 mm SUNNEN

Sunnen Superabrasives are the most advanced metal-cutting abrasives available in the world today. Their outstanding performance ensures the honing of even the most difficult materials, that until now, have resisted cutting by any method. You'll find they significantly improve cutting action, overall production rates and abrasive life over any other abrasive available.

Most of the popular tool steels can be honed as easily as ordinary hardened steel. Even difficult exotics like stellite, inconel, ferrotic, nickasil, alnico and a wide range of ceramic materials can be quickly honed with predictable results. What you once considered "impossible" materials are no longer impossible with Sunnen Superabrasives.


Out performs ordinary stones in cutting action, finishing speed and wear resistance
Combines superior performance with increased efficiencies
Perfect for any size operation
Lowers production costs
Sunnen offers the industry's largest variety of abrasive materials, bond types, grain sizes and stone configurations
Sunnen has the largest staff of technical experts to solve your honing problems


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