3D laser engraving machine / for glass / industrial / automatic



  • Technique:

    3D laser

  • Applications:

    for glass, industrial

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, high-accuracy, gantry, high-speed

  • X travel:

    1,300 mm

  • Y travel:

    1,500 mm


1, Machine features

This kinds of glass subsurface laser engraving machine suitable for glass / crystal subsurface engraving in large size, refined engraving images and letter; suitable for 3D laser glass and 3D laser crystal mass production decoration, household appliances and art viewing, industrial glass design.

The crystal laser engraving machine is a high resolution model and adopt the Gantry design which can engrave the big crystal and glass with high precision and fast speed,

This machine is really a fine processing machine with advantages of high fidelity and high stability ,large engraving size can be customized, suitable for glass/crystal subsurface engraving in large size , refined engraving image and text.