mass flow meter / thermal / for gas / compact
S 421 SUTO iTEC GmbH



  • Technology:

    mass, thermal

  • Fluid:

    for gas

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, 4-20 mA, direct-reading, with pulse output, bi-directional, stainless steel, in-line, flange

  • Applications:



The S 421 flow and consumption sensor covers a wide measuring range. With the high resolution and sampling rate a very fast and precise measurement is achieved. The installation is done through the selected measuring section, with R-thread or with flange connection. The sensors is able to save two calibration curves, due to this the sensor can be used in two different gases without any loss of accuracy. The optional color display is designed to show all measured values, at the same time it can be used to manage the sensor settings like pipe diameter, gas type or analog output scaling. The sensor offers two different signal output options. It can have a isolated analog and pulse output to read out the flow and the total consumption. Alternatively a MODBUS/RTU interface can be used to access all measured values via the digital interface.
Various settings such as gas type, flow unit, reference standards, can be set ex factory, through our service kit or through the optional display. The service kit consists of a PC software and a interface box which connects the flow meter to the USB port of the PC.