chlorine analyzer / ozone / pH / ORP
Chematest 25 Swan



  • Measured entity:

    chlorine, ozone

  • Measured value:

    pH, ORP

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:



The Chematest 25 is a handheld unit that determines the disinfectants, dissolved iron, dissolved aluminium, pH-value and ORP/redox-potential. Its display involves a photo- and pH-combimeter with microelectronics. It features an analytical set in portable housing.

The unit determines the chlorine dioxide, free and bound chlorine, iodine, cyanuric acid, ozone as well as th epH-value maintenance-free electrodes, the disinfectants with Oxycon reagents. It is done by following the DPD procedure.

The unit can be equipped with an ORP/redox electrode with cable, BNCconnector and calibration solution 475 mV.