solid-stream spray nozzle / cleaning / cooling / stainless steel
P-B-SSN-1/4-316-0-1 Swedex GmbH Industrieprodukte



  • Function:

    cleaning, cooling

  • Stream:

    solid-stream spray

  • Material:

    stainless steel


swepro P-B-SSN-1/4-316-0-1 - The swepro pro series solid stream nozzle, made from corrosion-resistant 1.4404 stainless steel, is suitable for continuous use in all industry sectors. Applications for the flat fan nozzle are cleaning, cooling, coating and wetting processes. The advantages of the pro series (improved useful life, optimised spray pattern and ease of installation) are complemented by the compact installation dimensions of the spray nozzle. Installation is even possible in areas of application where space is confined. The spray pattern is a concentrated, smooth and turbulence-free jet. An optimised spray result is achieved at a little as 1 bar pressure. A variant with a blue, detectable sealing ring is available for use in the food industry.