screw connection terminal block / for printed circuit boards



  • Connection:

    screw connection

  • Mounting:

    for printed circuit boards


DECA printed circuit terminal blocks of the MB series offer quality screw connectivity for various printed circuit boards. They are available in models from one to more levels, with angled or straight conductor insertion. They feature a moving, robust cage, with insertion conductor diameters up to 2.5 mm². The clamping unit's flat base guarantees proper clamping. After turning of the clamping screw, clamping yoke until the thread is tightly held between the clamping yoke and current bar. The stale design enables gas-tight connections. On maximum torque, yoke's upper thread-overlap open, performing locking. MB series are made out of high-tensile copper alloy (screws and clamping parts) preventing electrical contacts or jamming, out of temperature-resilient plastic (housing, up to 25 °C for sec.), and are UL, CE, and VDE compliant. They are commonly used for power supply, inverters, etc.