screw connection terminal block / plug-in / DIN rail-mounted



  • Connection:

    screw connection

  • Mounting:

    plug-in, DIN rail-mounted


The MC series pluggable type are available in front wire entry, erect and straight models in order to match various design needs. The MC series develops applications needing superior dependable interconnectivity with the adaptability of eased alterations and configuration.

The MC series offer the screw claming and spring clamp connections and thereby expands the users options of maximum density connection units from DECA. The two variants MC 100 and MC 101 connects with plug-in direction alternates to the conductor axis are obtained with a 5.00mm or 5.08mm pitch and 2 to 22 points. The pluggable blocks are obtained with and without a screw flange, to allow a vibration-resistant connection with the headers.

Both the MC 100 and MC 101 plugs allocate the height evenly ove the top and bottom sides of the printed circuit board.