quick-connect terminal block / panel-mount



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The ME lineup consists of pluggable type header side terminal blocks ME 030, ME 040, ME050, ME060 that feature headers along with horizontal and vertical plug in direction and can be ordered in two to twenty two different positions. Adding to this, the coding area of the header can seamlessly be inputted into the matching slot. DECA ME headers arrive open ended or with panels. The open ended model can be fixed in rows corresponding to the pitch. Furthermore, there is no hazards of lateral mis matching in the variants with the side panels. DECA ME headers can be appointed with a threaded flange for vibration immune functionality complete with the screw flange and plugs.

ME 110, ME 130, ME13R, ME150,ME210, ME230, ME23L, ME23R,ME250 ship with dual level headers (pitch 5 or 5.08 mm) that boast a horizontal design. The significant benefit of a dual grade model is the matching cost efficiency of embossed circuit board surface area. Elongated structures with substantial position can be had simply by placing headers with flange of shut side panels towards the right.