Spring cage connection terminal block / plug-in


  • Connection:

    spring cage connection

  • Mounting:



The MX SERIES Printed circuit spring terminal blocks, which has the advantage of putting into use the technology of spiral spring where the conductor is usually connected quickly without having the need of any special tools, offers uncomplicated operation with considerable reduction in wiring times. This terminal block satisfies the two main design criteria for modern-day users, which are cost effectiveness and space saving technology. The solid conductor or a fine-strand conductor of the block having a ferrule is embedded with ease into the terminal point and then pressed against the current bar by the spiral spring. The wire can also be effectively removed simply pressing down the clasp with a screwdriver.

Compact design and high thickness are the two features that make the MX SERIES to be put into effective use in the field of telecom framework, lighting framework, security, and wire course of action of architectures. MX series offers contact safety. The presence of a stainless steel spring guarantees the permanent presence of essential contact energy between the conductor and the conductor rail.


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