PC 104 single-board computer / AMD Geode LX series / embedded / fanless
IPC/NETIPC-6 Syslogic GmbH



  • Form factor:

    PC 104

  • Processor:

    AMD Geode LX series

  • Other characteristics:

    embedded, fanless


LX700 / LX800 AMD series processor are specially developed with superior performance and power-saving features for industrial application. The widely used PC/104 based CPU platform finds application in various industrial equipments. The module offers an excellent basis for any fan less and entirely closed off device. The full set of interfaces are ESD protected. The board is built with several additional industrial features such as watchdog, temperature control, etc. The module can be used with operating systems that include MS-DOS, Linux, Windows XPe or vxWorks and RTKernel.