Harsh environment vehicle-mount computer / rugged / fanless
Atom E6x0T | Transportation Computer COMPACT-71 Syslogic GmbH


  • Applications:

    for harsh environments

  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, fanless


The Railway Computer is compact and will operate on a continuous 24/7 schedule. It has embedded solutions without compromising the computer. There are also Syslogic offers that are embedded within the computer that have been developed for the sole use in applications for railways. The computer does not require any type of moving parts and it is designed for extended temperatures with a distinct range of 45 and +85 degrees Celsius. They are fully equipped with the M12 plug that is able to stand up to the strongest vibrations. it meets the demands that are set by the rail industry when it comes to resistance to vibrations and shocks. The Class Railway Standard is certified according to the EN50155. The system can have high performance on low power.


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