embedded PC / DM&P Vortex86DX / RS-232 / compact
Vortex86DX2 | M Embedded PC/COMPACT41 Syslogic GmbH



  • Type:


  • Processor:

    DM&P Vortex86DX

  • Ports:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, rugged

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The M Series of Embedded PC/COMPACT 41 from Syslogic is line of smart embedded PCs with Vortex 86 DX2 processors. The Vortex86DX2 processor combines all five main functions, which are main processor (CPU), firmware (BIOS), graphics chip, northbridge and southbridge, on a single chip. An increase in the mean time between failures or MBTF values on the embedded computers means low power consumption.

It can have either a BSP for Windows embedded CE 6.0, BSP for Windows embedded Compact 7, BSP for Windows embedded Standard 2009, and BSP for Linux operating system. It can be equipped with up to three Ethernet interfaces, and expanded with WLAN, GPS, GSM and Bluetooth modules, plus a PC/104 card. In addition to their robust construction, a comprehensive monitoring system ensures reliable operation of the embedded computers.