Embedded PC / box / Intel Bay Trail / Ethernet
Intel Atom (bay trail) | S - Embedded Box PC/COMPACT8 Syslogic GmbH


  • Type:

    embedded, box

  • Processor:

    Intel Bay Trail

  • Ports:


  • Other characteristics:

    fanless, compact

  • Domain:



The embedded box PCs in the Syslogic Compact S series come with E3825 or E3845 processors from Intel Atom (Bay Trail). This allows the fanless embedded box PCs to bridge the gap between high performance and lower performance processing. The embedded box PCs with E3825 processors have more than 1.33 gigahertz at 5 watts, and, for the E3845 version, its 1.91 gigahertz at 10 watts. This makes the embedded box PC suitable for 24/7 operation in temperature ranges of -40 to +70 degrees Celsius.

The embedded box PC in the Compact S series is also a winner because of its sturdy build and unique interface pinout. The embedded PC has CAN, USB, RS232 and RS 485 interfaces, it can be equipped with up to three ethernet ports, and it can be expanded with WLAN, GPS, GSM and Bluetooth modules.

24/7 continuous operation · Fanless · Maintenance-free · Embedded solutions without compromise


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