Embedded PC / box / Intel® Atom E3845 / Ethernet
RSL/COMPACT8 Syslogic GmbH


  • Type:

    embedded, box

  • Processor:

    Intel® Atom E3845

  • Ports:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Domain:

    for railway applications


With the RSL Compact 8 railway computer, Syslogic offers an embedded computer that has been developed solely for use in railway applications. The embedded railway computers work without any moving parts and are designed for an extended temperature range of between –40 and +85 °C thanks to their consistent industrial design. They are also equipped with a M12 plug which is able to withstand strong vibrations. The Syslogic RSL Compact 8 thus meets all of the demands set by the rail industry in terms of resistance to shocks and vibrations. They are certified according to the EN50155 TX Class railway standard.


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