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Cactus Technologies pSLC 245S Series – M.2 SSD Syslogic GmbH



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  • Capacity:

    Min.: 4 GB

    Max.: 128 GB


M.2 solid state drive with pSLC flash cells
The M.2 SSDs from the Cactus Technologies 245S series utilize the pSLC (Pseudo-Single-Level Cell) technology. In pSLC systems, the MLC-NAND cells only store one bit per flash cell, instead of the usual two bits. This means that the M.2 storage system works in SLC (Single-Level Cell) mode, allowing it to achieve six times as many writes ("write endurance") than MLC systems.

In addition to their superior write endurance, the pSLC storage units boast great resistance to shock and vibration (MIL-810), functional reliability and high value for money.

The M.2 (2260) SSDs are especially suitable for OEMs wishing to integrate the storage units into a controller. Thanks to their SATA III interface, they reach transmission rates of 6 Gbit/sec. The M.2 industrial storage units are available with capacities from 4 GB to 128 GB.