corrosive gas sampling system / for humidity analysis
MM500 for Corrosive gases Systech Illinois



  • Sample type:

    corrosive gas

  • Applications:

    for humidity analysis


MM500 Moisture analyzers are built to measure moisture in corrosive gases. Equipped with an integrated microprocessor control and high quality electrolytic moisture sensor,they provide accurate and reliable analysis . It has measurement range from 0.01ppm to 1000ppm with selectable measurement values of ppm or dew point (°C or °F). MM500 is designed using the most advanced technology to provide customization to the application needs delivering precise measurement. It can analyze Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride and other corrosive gases in safe or hazardous area locations. The wetted and non-wetted parts of this product are manufactured using corrosion resistant materials and stainless steel respectively; ensuring its durability.