water analyzer / for plastic film / permeability / benchtop
Lyssy L80-5000 Systech Illinois



  • Measured entity:

    water, for plastic film

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The L80-5000 analyzers are designed for reliable and easy permeation of water vapor in non-woven materials and similar applications. They have been successfully used by various labs for many years. This economical instrument is simple to use, and offers reliable results due to a repeatable testing principle. It also has low maintenance requirements.
This device is capable of measuring high permeability materials with special sample cards. It is both accurate and has a very fast testing time. The test time is least for the most permeable materials.
It uses a very stable and sensitive humidity sensor, to give accurate measurements in a wide range of 0.03 and 10000 g/m2/day. The test method used is one which results in a close reproduction of real environmental conditions as it uses no carrier gases or extractive measuring techniques.
This device alternates with ease between high and low permeability measures. It is typically less than an hour when it uses a simulated test standard function.