Oxygen analyzer / gas / trace / benchtop
CA56 Systech Illinois


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    oxygen, gas

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cylinder analysis system CA56

The Cylinder Gas Analysis System is capable of quickly and easily measuring trace gas impurities such as oxygen, moisture or other trace impurities
Cylinder analysis system CA56Cylinder analysis system CA56
Cylinder analysis system CA56

This is essential for inert gas manufacturers who require every gas cylinder to be checked for impurities before delivery to their customers. The use of Systech Illinois’ cylinder purge sample system makes analysis quick and easy with simple connections and the ability to purge each cylinder and to determine trace impurities within minutes rather than several hours or even days.

Ideal for gas analysis of many cylinders per day, to be used with the EC900 oxygen analyzer and MM500 moisture analyzer

Industry: Process
Gas: Oxygen
Binary mixtures
Application: Industrial Gas
Measurement range: ppm and %
Measuring cell type: Electrochemical, Paramagnetic, Zirconia, P2O5, Thermal Conductivity
Test Cylinder Pressure: 2-250 barg (15-3700 PSI) regulated
Gas Fittings: 1/8 in Swagelok® (supplied)


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