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OxySense 5250i Systech Illinois



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The OxySense 5250i is the oxygen analyzer instrument of choice for laboratories and individuals who need to test or evaluate packaging materials through a variety of studies.

These studies include:
Non-invasive headspace analysis for packages
Bottles and blister packs using the O2xyDot Sensor
Package material and design evaluation
Closure design and evaluation
MAP production start up monitoring
Research and development
Quality Control and assurance
Product oxidation studies.

For non-invasive measurements, oxygen concentration can be determined by placing the O2xyDot Sensor in the package or container prior to filling and sealing. Multiple measurements can be provided over time on the same package offering accurate analysis through real time. Due to the measurement process used, the risk of sample contamination or leaks is eliminated.

This versatile instrument also has the capability to perform permeability analysis (OTR) on film, bottles and packages with the use of film permeation chambers and bottle permeation fixtures.