Automatic feeder / wood
Opti-Feed 3000 System TM

An automatic infeed system designed to feed layers of workpieces in a capacity adjusted to the speed of the following main machine, enabling both increased machine capacity and release of labor from hard and repetitive work.

Opti-Feed 3000 is suitable for feeding short workpieces from 380 – 2,500 mm (15”- 98”) at a capacity of 5 layers per minute by uniform lengths.

The Opti-Feed 3000 offer a wide range of infeed systems that can singulate and feed the workpieces in the correct order to the following main machine.

You can choose from an extensive range of optional features, such as for example pack transport, stick automation, reject station and board turning device.

With System TM’s Opti-Feed 3000 we are able to advise and supply you with the right solution to fulfill your specific requirements and demands, to obtain a more efficient and profitable production.


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