shearing test device / scratch resistance / resistance / materials
550/551 Taber Industries


  • Test type:

    shearing, scratch resistance, resistance

  • Test material:


  • Operational mode:



TABER® Industries presents Shear/Scratch tester. It is used for checking of resistance to shearing, gouging, marring, scratching, scraping and engraving on a range of flat, strong samples. It is also suited for testing the relative uniformity of materials, the adhesive properties of protective coatings, and the impact of ageing on identical materials.

A detachable scale beam is fixed on a pivotal shaft projecting from a changeable gage block. To match the test specimen thickness, the pivotal shaft's height can be increased or lowered up to 12.7 mm (0.5 inches) using an adjusting screw. Thanks to this adjustment, the scale beam remains in a level position in relation to the specimen and turntable. The scale beam has been made with a built-in bearing. It allows tilting in a rest position, thus allowing attachment or removal of specimens by the operator. A calibrated sliding weight is fixed on the scale beam.