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Arbitrary waveform generator / PXI card
125 MS/s, 100 µHz-50 MHz | 5201 Tabor Electronics


  • Type:

    arbitrary waveform

  • Other characteristics:

    PXI card


Model 5201 is a Single-Channel Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator that combines many powerful functions in one small package. Supplied free with the instrument is ArbConnection software, which is used for controlling the 5201 and for generating, editing and downloading waveforms from a remote computer.

Single-channel 125 MS/s PXI-Based waveform generator
Sine waves to 50MHz, Square to 30MHz
SINE OUT to 125MHz, 1Vp-p
14 Bit vertical resolution
2M waveform memory
1 ppm clock accuracy and stability
Extensive modulation capabilities AM, FM, Arbitrary FM, FSK, Ramped FSK and Sweep
14 digits sample clock frequency setting, limited by 1S/s
Waveform sequencing with up to 4096 segments and sequences
Occupies a single slot only
Ultra fast waveform downloads using DMA
ArbConnection software for easy waveform creation


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