internal cylindrical grinding machine / for tubes / CNC / 2-axis



  • Type:

    internal cylindrical

  • Applications:

    for tubes

  • Control type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    28 kW (38.1 hp)


PULSAR C1.60 is suitable for several grinding applications and turns out to be a very versatile machine, which can be easily customized by a wide range of supplementary accessories.
Its usage flexibility is assured by the swivelling devices (manually or automatically operated through the CN) of the integrated spindle motor wheelhead, solutions for the workpiece driving device (C axis), the automatic CNC controlled adjustment of centres distance (W axis), wheel dressing devices (discs - diamonds) and the most advanced "in process" gauges.
The use of operative crossed and overlapped axes (longitudinal Z and transverse X, both hydrostatic) has allowed to limit floor space dimensions at the utmost, and thus made easier the connection to automatic loading devices like robots or gantry type handling systems.
New digital leading brand name CNC as well as the powerful interactive software T.O.P. - Tacchella (Tacchella Operator Package - Tacchella patent) make part-program creation an easy task, since they allow to freely combine several work cycles on diametres, radii, chamfers, cones, threadings, polygons and non round forms.