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Pad printing machine with open ink cup / electropneumatic


  • Type:

    with open ink cup

  • Other characteristics:


  • Printing force:

    1800 N, 3600 N, 5500 N

  • Printing speed:

    800 p/h, 900 p/h


ADVANCED ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC OFFSET PRINTING MACHINES UTILISING FLEXIBLE IMAGE TRANSFER PADS. Large electro-pneumatic format. This flexible easy to use sealed cup pad printing machine can be supplied with either a traditional back - forward cup movement or, to maximize potential length of printing area, our patented transversal doctoring system. The TG 150 is extremely versatile and can be tooled with cliché plates of various dimensions up to 850 mm. length and optional ink-cup sizes to 90, 135, 160, 180 mm. Max. pad-pressure of 5500, 3600 or 1800 N. can be selected on order. The TG 150 can be synchronized with any automatic line or loaded and unloaded manually.


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