timing belt / polyurethane / carbon / elastic
Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ ERO Joint® series TANALS_ERO Joint®



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  • Material:

    polyurethane, carbon

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The mechanical fastening system ERO Joint® - developed by Tanals - provide various possibilities to assemble belts on-site without having to disassemble pulleys or axes and to release the transmission.
ERO Joint® and ERO joint® Ultimate are developed for and with Gates by Tanals. They offer unique solutions system for easy and fast repair of power transmission.
The cutting shapes of the junction fingers have been engineered for maximum tensile strength and fatigue resistance of the Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ material.

The power of Gates combined with the know-how of Tanals.
Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ outstanding mechanical performance combined to ERO Joint® provide the only existing transmission belt with mechanical assembly.

The only existing transmission belt with mechanical assembly, a unique solution on the market.
Suitable for all HTD installations. It allows to repair any installation initially fitted with HTD belts.

Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ ERO Joint® Ultimate runs on same sprocket diameters than Poly Chain® GT Carbon™

Available in any length, can be adapted to any installation
Available in any width superior or equal to 20mm
Available with screws or pins (M2 for 8m, M3 for 14M)