humidity data-logger / temperature / LAN WLAN / with screen
max. 55 °C, 10 - 95 %RH | TR-702NW / 702AW TandD Corporation



  • Measured quantity:

    humidity, temperature

  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    with screen

  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, with connector


The Network-Connected Temperature/Humidity Data Logger (Series: TR-700W), manufactured by TANDD, is a newly-developed model of temperature / humidity data logger generally designed with a built-in feature which allows connections to be used over the Internet or other networks such as a LAN.

In addition, this data logger is fully capable of these functions, namely the download of recorded data, the monitoring of current readings as well as the sending of warning mails through Internet / LAN. The utilization of the Internet offers a cost-efficient means of managing temperature and humidity data from distant places.

Upon purchase, this product has an all-in-one-package, which includes a data logger unit, sensors, cables and a software.

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