temperature data-logger / humidity / CO2 / wireless
-30 °C ... +80 °C, 0 - 99 %RH , 0 - 9,999 ppm | RTR-576-H TandD Corporation



  • Measured quantity:

    temperature, humidity, CO2

  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    with screen

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, multifunction


The RTR-500 Series Data Loggers are intended for CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity measurement and are available in two versions: RTR-576 and RTR-576-H, both equipped with an internal CO2 sensor and an external temperature/humidity sensor. Note that later model features an improved high precision temperature/humidity sensor, designed to operate in a wider range from -30 to 80 ℃ and 0 to 99% RH. Both models have up to 5,000 ppm rated accuracy for CO2 measurements, up to 9,999 ppm display range and built-in wireless communication, enabling remote data download using a base unit. The maximum wireless connection range between remote units and base is aprox. 150 m (500 ft.) and can be further extended by registering RTR-500 as a repeater.