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The RTR-500 is specially designed to serve as a Base Unit for our RTR-500 Wireless Data Logger Series or a Repeater for extending wireless communication range. It is built with an easy USB connection for high performance operation in on-site use. RTR-500 registered as a Base Unit enables to download Recorded Data and Current Readings from Remote Units and then transfer the data by e-mail or FTP to a designated address. The recorded data sent to online service "T&D WebStorage Service" enables to monitor Current Readings and/or Warnings and also enables sharing of data via a PC web browser.

RTR-500 is used in various applications such as recording and monitoring temperature and humidity in factories and buildings, in Blood and Pharmaceutical Storage at Hospitals for Temperature and Humidity Management, to manage temperature of Refrigerated and Frozen Goods at Supermarkets and Convenience Stores, management process in the production, storage and sales of foodstuffs and beverages

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USB Connected - Wireless Base Station