pneumatic riveter / for threaded inserts



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    for threaded inserts


The Tappex FlexiArm installation machine consists of a pantograph arm with a Desoutter pneumatic screwdriver attached. The screwdriver can be specified with an automatic reverse torque-clutch control at either 510 rpm or 1,100rpm, or a manual reverse torque-clutch control at 510 rpm, depending upon the size of the insert and the material into which it is being installed.

The FlexiArm provides a low-cost assembly solution for many different post-mould applications and its size allows it to be installed alongside the respective moulding machine, so that inserts can be fitted during the waiting time of a typical mould cycle. It is available with one, two or three arms (which can be fitted at a later date) to suit most multi-task assembly requirements.

Rapid Installation Tray Hand Tools 1

A range of production drivers is available to provide an accurate method of installing the inserts at various heights and positions in the moulding (see inset), and they are available separately to suit M2 to M8 threads and also equivalent Imperial sizes.

Tappex also provide a rapid installation tray for use with the FlexiArm and suitable for parts 136, 137, 138, 170, 336, 338 and 040 in a range of sizes from M2 to M6.