threaded insert / self-tapping / stainless steel / flat
M3 - M10 | Trisert-3® TAPPEX



  • Type:

    threaded, self-tapping

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for plastics


For critical applications

The standard Trisert range has for many years included three primary designs, Double Ended, Reduced Headed and Regular Headed variants. These solve most application problems in thermoset and thermoplastic grades, including the latest engineering plastics. The concept of the Trisert design is to provide a reliable and efficient post-mould process, where the installation torque can be controlled and monitored for greater reliability. As the internal thread is used to install the Trisert, every insert is therefore automatically checked in the moulding for the existence of a good thread.

Trisert 3 Features

Trisert-3 has three cutting features to provide more balanced cutting forces and therefore reduced installation torque, compared to the many cross-slot designs available, that only have two cutting features.

The Trisert-3 design maintains the complete cylinder design that provides a stronger body, size-for-size, than the slotted design and also allows it to be used in pull-through applications, without any problems due to increased assembly torque associated with slotted inserts.

Hand Installation Equipment

Alternatively, the inserts can be installed by hand, using the 031 range of Tappex Hand Tools that come complete with an alignment bush to ensure correct installation.