threaded insert / metal / round / for plastics

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threaded insert / metal / round / for plastics threaded insert / metal / round / for plastics


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    for plastics


A range of Tappex inserts with male threads or studs is available based on the same body design and installation features of the female equivalent. Thus the basic forms of Trisert, Multisert or HiMould, can be produced in Unheaded and Headed versions with the same Short, Regular and Long body lengths as the relevant female insert, with a defined stud length.

Customer requirements for male inserts have proved to be so varied it is difficult to stock a ‘standard' range of inserts. Tappex have therefore decided to treat every application as in effect, a special male fastener, to meet the designer's specific needs.

Where possible we will offer the closest existing insert as an alternative, to eliminate the need for special manufacture and hence reduce costs and lead-time.

The head profile of a Tappex male insert would normally take the form of the Trisert, Multisert, or Hi-mould. The male thread required defines the head end size, that is the same as the female version of the same thread. Details of the head end dimensions may be taken from the equivalent female product pages on this web site.

The coding for a Tappex male insert always commences with the number 5 and is followed by the part number for the equivalent profile found in the range of female inserts. (The number 5 replaces the first digit of the female part number).
Product Features

Each of the male inserts retains the basic design and installation features of the female version. Headed, Unheaded, Short, Regular and Long can all be produced.