hydraulic bending machine / profile / automatic / 3 drive rollers



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  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, 3 drive rollers


This device comes with a steelwork structure that can be hard or medium. It finds use in the automotive industry, naval industry, in armoured door frame creation and in heating/cooling industries. The ALPHA 160 follows the principle of application of the independent supports when it comes to the construction principles. With the help of the tools, the shafts are able to work in a restricted manner. This helps avoid the risk of jerking that arise in the case of traditional bending machines. This would lead to discharge of the deflection forces onto the slides and a resultant effect on the machine body.

These features help in increasing the work capacity of the bending machines. It enables the processing of operations designed for larger size machines. The devices offers work flexibility. It also allows for unobstructed material introduction and unloading between bending of rolls .